1C ERP Standard 3.0

ERP Standard 3.0 is a complex solution based on 1C latest platform for financial and managerial accounting of small and medium business sector companies. 

ERP Standard includes the following modules: purchases, warehouse and supplies, production, sales, personnel management and accounting, money funds, accounting, financial statements, integration with RS.ge and internet banks. 

Software important advantages are that it gives the opportunity for simultaneous accounting of several legal entities, accounting can be made in any currency, the modern web interface of the software allows you to access the information base from any point with the Internet, the possibility of integration with external connecting devices (barcode scanner, cash register, thermal printer), opportunity to exchange information with the Internet store, software provides centralized storage of documents in various formats (spreadsheets, text files, images, audio, video files, etc). 


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Nexia TA Solutions offers its customers all the services connected to the products, so that all the solutions are fully provided and integrated by our team. 

Services include: 

  • Trainings - Informing the participants about the functional capabilities of the products and their rapid and high quality preparing to use system efficiently. Within the course, every participant will be provided with detailed information about the different modules of the software and the ongoing operations in each module. 
  • Configuration specialist service - After the appropriate training, you will be able to use the software effectively. Configuration specialist is our team member that helps you implement software solution in your company. 
  • Configuration Developer Service - Sometimes requirements of the company go beyond the standard fundamental possibilities of the program. Configuration developer is a specialist who can adjust the program to your requirements as a result of various modifications in the program code. 
  • Remote Support - After implementation of the software solution in the daily working process independently from us, questions can emerge that can be answered through the remote support. The support services includes customer support on a daily working issues and updating the software configuration. 
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